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Sync Notion data

Connect your Notion pages and databases.


Install on your site

Embed the Chatbot on as many websites as you want — marketing site, in-app, help center, Slack.


Learn and refine

Use chat history to improve your knowledge-base and your chatbot.

The #1 AI Chatbots platform for your business

Leads generation

Grow your business on auto-pilot.

Our AI Assistant is always available to support your business. Collect purchase intents, book calls, and close more deals — on autopilot.

Userdesk AI Chatbot

Instant replies

Get satisfied customers. Effortlessly.

Userdesk is able to find the right piece of content between your web pages and documents that best answers the user question.
So they get unlocked, without your intervention.

Userdesk AI Chatbot

Customer insights

Improving your product has never been so simple.

Understand the users pain points. So you can fix them. Get access to the user questions, and identify common issues and patterns. It's like reading in your customers' mind.

Userdesk AI Chatbot


Multi-language by design.

Your customer prefers asking questions in a different language? Userdesk supports 52+ languages out of the box. It perfectly works even if your knowledge base is not in the user language.

Userdesk AI Chatbot

Cross platform

Use the AI Assistant where you need it.

Whether you need a web widget, Slack app, or build your integration with our HTTP API, we got you covered. We support WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and more.

Userdesk AI Chatbot

Reuse your content

Don't create a new knowledge base.

Use your documents, wherever they are. Userdesk supports Web Sites, Notion, Google Drive, PDF files, and more. Connect them to the AI Assistant, and go live in minutes.

Userdesk AI Chatbot

You're in a good company

As a coach, I was looking for a way to give my team around the world instant answers to questions based on the company's intellectual property. Userdesk allows us to train different chatbots on our Notion data and use those bots in Slack and on our website. The product is simple, intuitive and elegant and the team are super responsive. I'm now recommending this to all of the agencies I coach.

Troy Dean

Troy Dean

CEO at Agency Mavericks

After comparing multiple solutions, we could not think of a better platform to provide services to our clients! 10/10 experience overall.

Alex Becker

Alex Becker

Project Manager at Techexx

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